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Every time, I used Facebook on my mobile, something or the other went wrong. Either the Messenger failed or the Facebook app. With my entire technical competency, I tried everything I could but with no results. Then I tried to search online and got to know about facebook-customersupport.com. Thereafter, I called their toll-free number and was surprised to witness the quick rapport they built with me.Facebook has made my life even more connected, personally as well as professionally. Thus to manage the balance between two, it was required that my profile and timeline shows only selected content. Moreover, addressing privacy issues become difficult for me.

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I realized the problems but could not find definite solutions. Thereafter, facebook-support team offered help and gradually I learnt to manage full Facebook on my own. All thanks to this expert support team.Being a proficient Internet user, I started using Facebook a few years back. But recently, my account showed unusual activity and failed login attempts.

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I changed passwords several times and later found that frequent password changes make it even more difficult. Moreover, with growing cases of hacking issues, I got panicked and called at. But to my relief, ‘tech expert’ at receivers end was an awesome guy who helped me manage all my FB issues..